Essential Oils 101

In a world that surrounds us with unnatural chemicals, it can be intimidating finding your way back to wellness and something natural.  Enter Essential Oils!

Over a year ago, I was looking for a way to get the chemicals away from my family’s environment.  Away from the surfaces that surrounded us.  Away from the everyday products we applied to our skins and brushed on our teeth.  After a lot of research, I kept finding myself back at the ancient world of essential oils.  Something that has been around for so long, has found so many uses and with such simple ingredients.  When I put a drop of Lemon Vitality Oil in my water–I know it is only that–nothing else.  When I use Thieves All Natural Cleaner on my kitchen surfaces, I know that there are no toxic chemicals left behind.

There is so much to know about Essential Oils–and I am still in the learning stages too.  Every chance I get, I attend informational classes to soak in as much as I can about all the benefits these little drops hold.  A fellow oiler–Sarah Harnisch has so gratefully recorded a complete Essential Oil 101 class for people curious about oils and don’t know where to begin.  Click the link below and take a listen:

Essential Oils 101 Audio Class

If you have more questions after listening to the class or you’d like to learn more about getting your hands on your own set of oils–contact me!

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