Premium Starter Kit


 For $160, the Premium Starter Kit comes with all 11 oils, a diffuser, samples, roller ball attachment, catalog and educational materials.  You’ll notice the retail prices after each oil and diffuser—this is to show you how much of a value this starter kit truly is.  If you wanted to sign up as a retail customer, you would be paying each of those prices we listed.  As a wholesale member, you can purchase the starter kit and save big time!  At $160, this is a fantastic deal!

Each 5ml bottle has approximately 90 drops in it.

There are kits geared toward Thieves and NingXia as well—I can get you specific details on those.

Once you purchase the starter kit, you are now a wholesale member and can purchase everything at a 24% off discount!

If you sign up with me, you will get the following:

A community of friends who encourage and equip you on this journey!

Access to our private FB group where we have daily educational posts.

Access to “The Family Room”, a password protected resource center full of everything you need to get your business started (if you’d like)!  We have scripts, graphics, marketing materials and more!

Access to our educational website – FULL of classes for product and business!

Yearly retreats where we educate and grow our community!

 I will encourage, educate and equip you every step of the way!

To sign up!

If you feel like you are ready to take the plunge (best decision ever) follow these simple steps:

  •  go to
  • Choose WHOLESALE member
  • Use 3400372 to fill out the sponsor and enroller ID sections. (if it isn’t already filled in)
  • Fill out your info. (Be sure to write down your member number, password, and pin number.)
  • Purchase your kit!

Congratulations! You’re on your way!