May 2017-Summer is just around the corner

Summer is just around the corner and the weather has started to turn warmer.  Have you started to think about some of the changes that summer brings? Citronella oil is a great idea for those nightly visitors.  Another summer must is a little Peppermint in a spray bottle diluted with water–works as a wonderful cooling spray on those hot days.
There are so many great natural ways to get a summer outdoors started. Starting just with a Starter Kit–you can begin a month of wellness.

As if there isn’t enough goodness packed into the Premium Starter Kit–this month there is the addition of Tangerine!!  That’s $21 in free oils!!  Grab it before the end of the month.  Contact me for information on getting a Premium Starter Kit or go to to sign up today!

Here’s a great list of oils to be careful with around the sun.

I would love to get you a free hostess gift.  All you need to do is sign up to host a class.
You don’t need to do anything except invite everyone that you think should hear about Young Living.
I can run a class over Facebook so distance is no problem.
I can meet you in your home–so we can make this personal.
We can even meet over dinner.

And there will be give-aways during the class too.

This is an opportunity for you to share about Young Living without any work on your part.  Look at your calendar and let me know when we can schedule a class!!

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